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We debate…

we hold fast and nutritious debates at colleges.

Is it worth getting married ?
Is pornography affecting us ?
What would you do, if you found yourself pregnant unexpectedly ? 

These and many other questions are leading students into open debates. Students have a rare capacity to be very direct and honest. These discussions are challenging them to first determine their own views and then confront them with their peers.


We film…

positive outcomes from marriage crises.

We are preparing a documentary movie called ‘Marriages from a pressure cooker’ which is a collection of short interviews with people that openly talk about their own personal marriage crises. They were asked how they were able to overcome the problems, and how the crises made them even stronger. The stories have the power to inspire and encourage.

Although the movie is suitable for a wide audience, it is especially being produced for college students. Pressure Cooker holds debates in many colleges and the movie will be used as a helping tool for discussions about partner relationships/marriages.

Help us to film more stories.

Contact us, if you’d like to tell us your story on camera and feature in this project. Or, you can support the production of this movie financially.

The more support we gain, the more stories we can publish and more people can be inspired!


We play…

We are co-authors of the new education tool named Invisible Human. It is a simple card game, that teaches us about the great facts of life in the womb. It focuses on the first 20 weeks of human development.