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photo: Karol Sudor

Lívia Halmkan
tel: 00421 (O)915 212087

A bit about me:

I love asking the most basic questions and enjoy looking for the answers with young people, which can be inspiring in their honesty.

Almost all of my adult life I live in abroad (mostly UK), from where I brought back home my husband and out 2 kids :).  I currently live in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

I have studied graphic design at the University of Brighton, in England. Whilst working as a freelance graphic designer, I also became a pro life activist, working with CBR UK.

I’m a Wilberforce academy alumni, organized by Christian Concern in UK.
I’m ‘Bring the change’ course alumni. It is a course in methotology, focusing at an inner motiation of students (Czech republic).