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“They were young and happily married. They had 4 children. The first 3 kids seem to be happy, but the last son grew somehow different, more distant. He took drugs, hard drugs. She blamed her husband. He blamed her too. They grew distant. And bitter.  Very bitter. They didn’t speak to each other anymore.

When their son died from overdose, it seemed like their marriage would die too. But it didnt. Grieving for their son starting a new epoch in their relationship. Grieving made them bit by bit closer. The whole family became closer.

Would it not be a shame, if this story, and many other such stories remained silent, unspoken? Would’nt it be better, if they became as inspiration for young college students, who are only just preparing for serious relationships, or for others, who already live in marriages?

Thats why we are preparing documentary about struggles and victories of marital lifes. It will be named “Marriages from pressure cooker”. The film will be a collection of short interviews of individuals, telling their storis from their own relationship (about 7.min per person).

Thats why we are looking for brave people, who would have courage to publicly share their story of marital crisis, forgiveness and reconciliation. Is it you? or do you know someone with inspiring story? Please get in touch, write or call us. You might have many question about the movie, we will be happy to answer all of them.

The idea for the movie came about after circulatition of public survey that was filled by married, divorced and widowed participants. So far more then 200 individuals participated.

The most interesting thing that came out of survey is the fact, that half of the participants admitted they have at some point hit real crisis in their relationship (serious damage to intimacy or trust to each other) and considered leaving. Yet almost all of them claim, that overcoming the crisis made their relationship stronger and brought them even closer then before. We’ve found this fact very interesting, and like to document several such stories.

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Production of any movie costs a lot of energy and money. We will use your donations for movie production and its distribution over the colleges. The movie will be shown to college students and to young people preparing for their  marriage.The movie will be available online for free. Its main distributor will be NGO Fórum Života.

Pressure Cooker (Tlakový Hrniec) is an independent project and doesnt benefit from goverments grants. It work is dependant on public donation and support.

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